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From Colombia with love.

At Global Apparel, our uniqueness is our collective strength. Every member contributes a distinct piece, weaving a tapestry of skills and perspectives. One community, using our diverse skills, experience and unparalleled scale, to make the world a better place.

Together, we collaborate and innovate to drive new growth. And to preserve the world, the people and environments it contains. So that future generations can do the same.

our Responsibility

Global Fashion, Local Responsibility: Weaving a Tapestry of Sustainable Business Strategy



At Global Apparel, we place people at the center of everything we do because our human talent is the driving force behind us. We generate employment, mainly for single mothers.

green plants near body of water during daytime
green plants near body of water during daytime

At Global Apparel, we are in the process of sharing our report on our ecological footprint.

We are shaping a better future, one stitch at a time, because our commitment goes beyond offering products; it's about reducing our environmental impact. We believe in responsible business that respects the planet and cares for everyone in our supply chain, so transparency in social and ecological actions is essential to us. In the face of the climate emergency, we know our influence and seek to be part of the solution.

Conscious &


yellow and orange yarns
yellow and orange yarns

We want to know the product is sourced ethically. We have to protect all the workers in the supply chain




Strong Fundamentals


Our Governance framework is pivotal in driving impactful transformations and establishes the foundation for Global Apparel to address pressing environmental and social concerns within the fashion industry with the immediacy they warrant.